Juvie Green Heron!
Monday Mystery 081312

An Amazing Moth Night!

Thanks to all the folks who attended our first-ever Moth Night at the historic Fell House -- including Liti Haramaty of National Moth Week.

This was the final event of National Moth Week, which encompassed 49 states and more than two dozen countries, and it turned out great.

Seventeen of us saw all sorts of awesome moths during the 90-minute program, and I think the moths were just warming up.

I will try to post more pix later, but here are a couple. The shot above is of our two-light set-up in action .

The one on the left is a 160-watt Mercury vapor lamp. The two on the right left are a CFL blacklight and a halogen light. Both set-ups attracted moths -- as did the white-painted overhang of the back of the Fell House.

More pix follow -- of an Agreeable Tiger Moth and a beautiful Barberry Geometer. (Thanks to Denise Farrell for her fast ID work!)