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Dickcissel Photos!

Rob Fanning Reports: CF Dickcissel!

Rob sez:

I was very pleasantly surprised to hear and eventually track down a female-type DICKCISSEL at the CF this morning.
I first saw the bird in flight and it landed in the hedgerow near the cul-de-sac for about 5 minutes before I lost it.
This is the first summer (June-Aug) record for the CF and only my 2nd record here.
It has been a very good summer for them in NJ w/ multiple records from around the state. This bird could very well have nested or attempted to nest locally--as it's quite on the early side for a migrant.
Good numbers of shorebirds continue to use the mudflats--today there were 30+ Least, 2 Semi Sands, 12+ Killdeer, and a Spotted.
4 Rough-winged swallows were buzzing over the lake and 2 Green Herons were also on the mudflats.
Great job, Rob!