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Monday Morning Mystery 061812

Moth Nights, Anyone?

The first-ever National Moth Week is coming up next month, and I am toying with the idea of doing a Moth Night or two of my own near the Celery Farm or possibly at the Fell House just to see what kind of moths we have by the Celery Farm.

On a lark, I set up my own moth-light setup in my backyard late night --a CFL blacklight and a halogen light in front of a white dropcloth.

Got some great-looking though smallish moths -- now I have to try to ID them. Nothing like a nice new learning curve!

Please e-mail me at celeryfarm (at) gmail.com if you would be interesting in attending an upcoming Moth Night in Allendale near the Celery Farm or at the Fell House.

Photos of some of the little guys seen last night follow.


Lesser Maple Spanworm Moth (?)