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June 2012

More Moths -- @ the Fell House

Marsh Warden Mike Limatola and I did a practice Moth Night at the Fell House last week and got a lot of great-looking bugs -- beginning with the guy at the top.

Stay tuned to this blog for more information on Moth Night at the Fell House -- it's currently a work in progress, and we are still ramping up.

If anybody could help with the IDs... We think the guy above is a Sphinx Moth, and a large one at that...

More moth pix follow...

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Black-crown, Red-shoulder

DSC_6398 - Copy

John Pastore writes:

Got some nice shots of the Black-Crowned Night Heron that seems to frequently roost on the Warden's Watch peninsula this past Thursday morning.

And the Red-Shouldered Hawk stopped by in a tree on my neighbor's property, kindly waiting for me to get my camera and tripod.  

In the shot of the bird launching from the tree, you can see a band on its leg (which means it's Laura).

(Thanks, John!)