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Celery Farm Toad!

2012 05 20 - toad 1
We see lots and lots of Frogs at the Celery Farm -- Bullfrogs and Green Frogs. But we almost never see toads.

So we are pleased to share this photo of an American Toad, taken
by Julie McCall three weeks ago.

Julie writes:

I was in the woods at The Celery Farm, not far from Barbara's Bog, taking photos of dragonflies, damselflies, and butterflies.  I followed a butterfly down one of the paths, trying to convince it to land so I could identify it, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a sizeable lump ahead of me on the path.  

I snapped a few photos of it from a distance, then reviewed them on my camera and realized it was a toad.  I was able to get much closer and take a bunch of pictures without it doing anything at all.  

Once I tiptoed past it and looked back, it had hopped one or two times and I got some photos from a different angle.

Once I got home I used my photos to help narrow down my ID... I believe it was an American Toad.  It was probably about 4 inches long or so.  It was a fantastic, gorgeous toad.   :)

(Thanks, Julie!)