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May 2012

Snapping Turtle Egg-laying Time

As you may know, my wife have a "natural" front yard -- native plants, no grass, no pesticides -- and the Snapping Turtles just love to lay their eggs here every May.

We are talking more than a dozen turtles over several days, laying dozens of eggs. Not for everyone, but it works for us (me more than Patty, since it is her garden they are digging up.

If you see one laying eggs in our frontyard, you are welcome to stop and watch from a distance. They seem oblivious.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, in honor of National Snapping Turtle Week, I'll post my two favorite front yard Snapping Turtle videos...

In Memory of Pat Brotherton

I am saddened to report that Pat Brotherton, a long-time friend, Fyke member and all-around wonderful person, died yesterday after a long illness.

From producing the Fyke Nature Association newsletter to volunteering in the Butterfly Garden to helping lead field trips to serving on the Fyke Board, Pat loved the Celery Farm and  was one of its core supporters for several decades.

We have lost an anchor.

Our deepest condolences go out to her husband John and their entire family.