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Exciting News -- Or Not!

Talked to Stiles Thomas, the monitor of the Red-shouldered  Nest in Allendale yesterday a.m.  Not only is there at least one baby Red-shoulder in the nest, but its father now has a name.  Laura's mate's name is David.

The male is named after David Reik, the host of the nest these past two springs...

"I have spoken," said Stiles, who has follwed the Red-shoulders in Allendale for more than 70 years.  

Coping with Human-Bird Conflicts

�Bob Leafe IMG_4201
My latest column in The Record and Herald-News is on dealing with human-avian turf wars -- like the House Sparrow that wants to nest in your air vent or the woodpecker that attacks your sideview mirror.

Link is here.

(Pic above is by Bob Leafe, who also photographed Hammy the Red-tail for this column.  Hammy liked to perch on his air-conditioning unit. Thanks, Bob!)