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Four Years Ago Today...

Celery Farm-2661 February 27, 2012-E-2
Four years ago today, the then-unnamed Laura the Red-shouldered Hawk flew into a window and was taken to The Raptor Trust by Stiles Thomas.

Last we heard (and saw), Laura is doing well and possibly starting a new family. We are psoting a couple more photos taken last week by Craig Schriever. (Thanks, Craig!)

The link to the original post on Laura from March 3, 2008, is here.

The story of the endangered Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale is now available as a book and eBook from 

The link is here.  All proceeds from the eBook go to The Raptor Trust. The printed books are sold at Blurb's cost.

A better close-up of Laura's band (put on her at The Raptor Trust) follows.  (Thanks, Raptor Trust!)

Celery Farm-2654 February 27, 2012-E-2