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Water Levels at CF Finally Dropping...

Marsh Warden Mike Limatola reports:

"I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up on the Allendale Brook culvert cleaning that should take place within the next month, south of the Celery Farm.  We had a meeting with town and county officials and the contractor yesterday.

"Over many years the culvert has filled with sediment from heavy run-off, causing water to flow slower and slower out of the CF.  Adding to this problem was a section of wooden bridge that washed into the culvert during Hurricane Irene, with a large leaf jam behind it.  With the higher water level came flooded trails. 

"The Bergen County DPW removed the section of bridge yesterday and water started flowing out of the spillway immediately.

"The contractor handling the culvert cleaning will be using a suction truck and there will be a detour near Cottage Place and Franklin Turnpike for a few days.  This project should reduce flooding at the Celery Farm and adjacent properties."


The bottom line is that those insanely high water levels have been dropping, and the trails should be better/less muddy. (Thanks, Mike!)