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'Survival' Now Available as iPad eBook!

“Survival,” the story of the endangered Red-shoulder cover 1Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale, is now available as a download for iPads, iPhones and and iPod Touches.

The eBook is a 70-page, full-color book about a family of hawks who have battled long odds to nest in Allendale for more than a decade.  

The download costs $2.99, with all our proceeds going to benefit The Raptor Trust, one of the nation’s leading avian rehabilitation centers.

The Raptor Trust saved the life of a Red-shouldered hawk named Laura, the main protagonist of the book, who had been found dazed on an Allendale lawn four years ago.

_H5C3216-1“Survival” was created by Jim Wright and Jerry Barrack, authors of several books ton Alendale’s Celery Farm nature refuge.

The beautifully illustrated book includes a chapter on the Red-shoulders’ courtship flight, a first-person account of what it’s like to host a red-shoulder nest, and a reprinted chapter on red-shoulders from the classic 1898 book “Birds that Hunt and Birds that Are Hunted.”

You can download the an iBook version of “Survival”  for your iPad or iPhone at  or just do a search for and “allendale” and “survival.” You can also view a 15-page preview of the book.

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