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The Latest Pic of Laura

Craig Schriever took this shot of everyone's favorite Red-shouldered Hawk, Laura, in the Celery Farm on Monday. Laura022812b-1 

How do we know it's Laura?

By the metal band on the right leg (see enlargement at right).

In case you had not heard, we had reports over the weekend that Laura and her mate were seen in the Farm on Sunday trying to start a family. 

Another (similar) shot to the above follows, for folks like me who just love looking at this gorgeous and endangered hawk.

(Thanks, Craig!)

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Spring Here?

Woke this morning to a great avian chorus from the Celery Farm, including a bunch of talkative Red-winged Blackbirds -- what a great sign of Spring.

They soon joined the Grackle invasion at the feeders.  Still had a lone Junco, hanging on to winter...

Monday Mystery Revealed

This mystery was really tough without the photo clue. As Deedee answered correctly, the spot is deep in the Klomburg Woods -- near the catch basin for the run-off from the office parks.  

I took this shot on cross-country skis -- seems like ages ago now.  (Congrats to Deedee for getting the answer right, and for Barbara for wisely agreeing with Deedee!)