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Monday Morning Mystery 112111

New bird CF
Tom Wicks writes:
   "A few days before the big snow storm a few weeks ago I took these pictures. I was at the Celery Farm.
   "The bird may have been 25 foot up on a limb. Even with the zoom lens these close ups are the best pictures I could take."
   What is the bird? I really like these photos because they nicely approximate a distant look at a fleeting bird.  (Thanks, Tom!)
   Answer tomorrow, but I am guessing that somebody will offer the right answer before then.

New Bird CF #2

A flight photo follows.

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CF Bird Report 112011

Julie McCall says:

"Some Celery Farm highlights from today: a wonderfully cooperative Winter Wren that hung out with me for at least ten minutes, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, 11 Hooded Mergansers, and (FINALLY), 2 Eastern Bluebirds.

"Also, the first Brown Creeper that I've gotten in a while without another bird drawing my attention to it first."

"2 of the Red-shouldered Hawks seemed to be playing "Follow the Human" for a bit, and I was frequently surrounded by foraging flocks of birds. All in all, a gorgeous day with some really long and beautiful looks.

"Today I felt very content to be a birder."

(Thanks, Julie!)

Coyote Sighting near CF


Norma Gessell reports:
"Yesterday I saw a coyote racing east through the woods behind Rio Vista.  A minute or so later he had turned north bordering the parking lots of the commercial buildings on Boroline.  His tail was white on the bottom and he held it high in the air.  He was at least as large as a German Shepherd if not larger.  Have you seen any animals matching this description?"

Red-shouldered Hawk Book Update

Red-shoulder cover 1Time is running out to order a copy of "Survival: The Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale" in time for an early December Delivery. You need to order by Saturday noon.

To order a copy of "Survival: The Red-shouldered Hawks of Allendale," call  Rohsler’s Nursery in Allendale (201-327-3156), Wild Birds Unlimited in Paramus (201-599-0099) or Wild Bird Emporium in Midland Park (201-444-1043)   and tell them whether you want soft cover (roughly ($28) or a hard-cover (roughly $37), and how many copies. 

Full details follow. Thanks!

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