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My Latest 'Bird Watcher': Sandy Komito

My latest column in The Record and IMG_3125Herald News is on Sandy Komito, the legendary birder from Fair Lawn who is one of the main characters in the book "The Big Year" and the inspiration for "the bad guy" in an upcoming big-name Hollywood comedy of the same name.

Sandy holds the record for the most birds seen in North America in one year -- the basis for the book.

Sandy stopped giving interviews after the book came out several years ago and he didn't like the way he was treated -- but he was kind enough to make an exception and talk with me.

The link is here

Mystery revealed

Hats off to Patrick Belardo, who ID'd the mystery plant as Nutsedge.

The purveyor of this mystery, Edith Wallace, wrote:

"[The plant in the photo] is nutsedge, a noxious weed, but in Spain we purchased a special beverage, horchata, made of nutsedge tubers called chufa."

I think we all knew that already.

Not. (Thanks, Edith!)

Rob Fanning Highlight Reel: 083011

Rob sez:

Allendale Celery Farm highlights were:

-White-eyed Vireo--continuing bird--singing and seen
-Orchard Oriole--female--my latest record by far
-Baltimore Oriole--ad male
-Rose-breasted Grosbeak--male
-Worm-eating Warbler
-Chestnut-sided Warbler
-N. Waterthrush
-Magnolia Warbler
-Warbling Vireo
-Coopers's Hawk, Red-sh. Hawk, RT Hummers, etc
Heard: Bobolinks
Also Philly V seen by F. Weber

Thanks, Rob!

Update: Work Crew Needed


I am told Fred Weber came to the Celery Farm and was a one-man cleranup crew today. Trails still have a foot of water, and people are urged to stay away, but branches have been removed.  (Thanks, Fred!) 


Earlier post, parts still pertinent...

Check this blog before you come -- want to make sure that flood waters have receded enough by then to work on downed trees.

Photo above is the (submerged) trail just south of the Spillway. People should otherwise stay away -- impossible to tell where the trail is washed out.

A couple other photos follow.

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Fell House Night at AB&G Tonight!

Allendale Bar and Grill in beautiful Fell house a
downtown Allendale is holding a fund-raiser for the historic Fell House tonight from 5 p.m. to closing.

A portion of the proceeds from food and drink purchased during those hours will go to the restoration of the Fell House.

Join us, dry off, and tell us your war stories from the great Allendale storm and flooding of 2011.

We hope to see you there!