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Fell House Fund-raiser Monday Night

Allendale Bar and Grill in beautiful downtown Allendale is holding a fund-raiser for the historic Fell House on Monday night from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

A portion of the proceeds from food and drink purchased during those hours will go to the restoration of the Fell House.

Seymour Drakes and I hope to see you there.

My latest 'Bird Watcher' Column: Two Rare Birds

Stiles, hawk-1
My latest column in The Record is about two rare birds you probably have had met over the years while birding -- John Yrizarry (below) and Stiles Thomas (above).

I had asked readers to name the bird that got them into birding, and two of the replies talked more about John or Stiles than a bird. It got me to thinking aloud in the column....

"... The qualities that make John and Stiles such great mentors are not just their knowledge and their knack for conveying it, but also their patience, their exuberance, and their genuine love and concern for the world around them.

"John Yrizarry and Stiles Thomas are two of the best friends that nature -- and nature lovers -- could have."

The link is here.

John Yrizarry-1