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June 2011

Barred Owls in Bergen

Jim Kuehlke took this photo yesterday in Hillsdale, and a Barred Owl has been heard (but not) in Allendale the past few nights.

One was heard in the Celery Farm a month ago, but was dismissed at the time as a recording by an over-the-top World Series of Birding team. (Is that redundant?)

Bat Count Success: Part 2

Did another bat count several miles away from the Celery Farm Sunday at dusk and counted 22 bats leaving an attic  -- up 7 from a count in late May

Will be revisiting the site two more times over the summer to see how they are faring.

Great to see lots of bats!

Jefff Aughey came close to the right answer to Monday's mystery by positing "Catfish Fry."  (Actually, I think catfish fries are a Southern phenomenon, usually involving a barbeque.)

We believe these guys are Kittenfish.  Apologies to all who have pun allergies.