Red-Shouldered Hawk Nest: Success!
All About Our Red-shouldered Hawks

About Manfred's Mom

Three years ago this spring, a young female Red-shouldered Hawk was found semi-conscious on an Allendale lawn.

Marsh Warden Stiles Thomas took the bird to the Raptor Trust in Millington in hopes it could be saved, but he was not optimistic.

The same thing had happened a year earlier to another female Red-shoulder, who had flown into a window. She did not survive.

This time was different. The Raptor Trust rehabbed the bird -- dubbed Laura --and placed a green band on one of her legs.

She was released on March 15, 2008, and Seymour Drakes did a short video on the release. As the video concluded, she faced "an uncertain future."

That Red-shoulder, we are fairly confident, is fledgling Manfred's mom. On several occasions this past winter, my wife and I saw a green-banded Red-shoulder perched near our backyard, hunting for food.

The female on the nest this spring had a green-band as well.

Congrats to Laura on her great resilience and a job well-done.