Three Green Herons
Monday Morning Mystery 062011

A Father's Day Memory of My Father

Because I work in the Meadowlands, The South Bergenite asked me to send in any memorable advice that I got from my father. They printed a story with plenty of people's memories in their latest edition. They quoted me and ran the accompanying  pic -- of (from left to right), my father, me, my brother and our awesome snow sculpture of Santa.

Img047-3 Jim Wright: "My father was an Army combat veteran and an artist. He died before my ninth birthday, so I don’t remember too many of his words of wisdom, but he always told me: ‘Straighten up and fly right,’ and ‘Always take high road.’ I didn’t realize until I was older what either meant, but I have always tried to follow his advice."

I know it's not about nature or the Celery Farm, but today is Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day to all you Dads out there!