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Monkeys For Breakfast, in Belize!

My good friend Carolyn Miller, who keeps an awesome blog about Belize nature, has a new post featuring one of my photos at Chan Chich, a nifty eco-resort in the northwestern tropical forest.

The photo is of a Spider Monkey who was having breakfast in the courtyard while I was having breakfast on the veranda. (No, I did not literally have monkeys for breakfast.) Link is here.

Look Out For Deer Ticks

Saw this guy -- one of many -- at the Celery Farm yesterday. He's nature way of reminding you to look out for ticks -- especially Deer Ticks.

Birders are reporting ticks all over North Jersey, so please stay in the middle of trails, tuck your pants in, and check yourself for ticks when you get home.

Celery Farm Walk, Sat., May 7

Fyke Nature Association will lead a free guided walk at the Celery Farm on Saturday, May 7, at 8 a.m.We meet at the end of Green Way on the north end of the CF off Franklin Turnpike.

The walk is for birders of all levels, and it arrives at the peak of warbler season. E-mail Jim Wright here if you plan to attend.

Wear long pants and socks and bug spray! Tuck your pants into your socks and pretend you're a Zouave! Or not.