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Monday Morning Mystery 022111

Great Backyard Bird Count

Participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count yesterday and came up with five new species for my backyard year list -- amazing what a little warmer weather and snow melt will do.

Highlight (or lowlight) was a female Brown-headed Cowbird (above) -- or least I think it is. Any other nominations?

Full list follows.

Locality: 07401, Allendale, Bergen County, NJ
Observation Date: FEB 19, 2011
Start Time: 9:00 AM
Snow Depth: Less than 2 in (5.1 cm)
Total Birding Time: 1 hour
Number of species: 21

Species             Count

Canada Goose             6

Mallard             4

Hooded Merganser             4

Ring-billed Gull     3

Mourning Dove 8

Red-bellied Woodpecker             1

Downy Woodpecker             3

Hairy Woodpecker             1

American Crow 1

Black-capped Chickadee             7

Tufted Titmouse             3

White-breasted Nuthatch             2

American Robin 1

European Starling             1

Song Sparrow             2

White-throated Sparrow             4

Dark-eyed Junco 5

Northern Cardinal             2

Red-winged Blackbird             11

Brown-headed Cowbird             1

House Sparrow             1