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Fyke Meeting: New Location

Please note that Friday's Fyke Nature Association will be held at Allendale Borough Hall, 500 W. Crescent Avenue until further notice due to Wyckoff Library renovations. The Borough Hall is where Fyke has its annual Christams Bird Count wrap-up.

Friday's talk, on poet Mary Oliver's exquite nature poetry featuring birds, promises to be excellent. Oliver's poems are outstanding, and the presenter, ace birder and Mount Peter mainstay Judy Cinquina, is top-notch as well.

Here's a squib: "Join Judy Cinquina on a virtual birding tour with one of our finest and most popular natural poets, Mary Oliver. This tour is guaranteed to enrich your life list with Oliver’s lyrical magic and wisdom.

"You will meet birds like the Starling and the Dovekie, as if for the first time. Even veteran birders among us will be impressed with Oliver’s accurate observations.

"The New York Times praised her poems as 'thoroughly convincing - as genuine, moving, and implausible as the first caressing breeze of spring.'

"Oliver could change how you look at birds forever."

Let's also hear it for "the first caressing breeze of spring," hopefully in the pipeline.