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January 2011

Amazing(ly brief) Red Fox Video!

I consider my brief new film to be the "Citizen Kane" of extremely short, silent nature videos with special effects and very little content. 

It was filmed earlier this month at an undisclosed location, with real (unsweetened) bird sounds.

No foxes were injured in the production of the video. Can't say the same about the egg.

Monday Mystery Demystified

Feather Stiles Heron Pond Jan 1 2011DSC_0212
Barbara Dilger took this recent photo of a feather found by Stiles Thomas.

He found it in a wood duck box that he was working on over the winter.

We were thinking it was a Hooded Merg feather, but Wood Duck feather seems a more logical candidate, as Scott points out in his comment to the original post. (He found a similar feather labeled "Wood Duck" feather on a fly-tying site.

What do you think?

Just wait till next Monday.