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January 2011

Bonus Mystery Solved

Who killed Cock Robin?

It was I, said the Red-shoulder.

Before I got much older.

Background: Rob Fanning reported seeing an immature Red-shouldered Hawk "feasting" on a robin Saturday. I photographed this bird Sunday near the scene of the crime. Case closed.

Congrats to Tom Burr for solving this whodunit, albeit with different doggerel.

Rob Fanning Report

Rob Fanning reports seeing the following at the  Celery Farm yesterday:

-Va. Rail
-Gr. Blue Heron
-Red-shouldered Hawk (Im.)--feasting on a Robin
-Robin (6+, - 1)

Thanks, Rob. Hoping to post a nice rail shot by Barbara Dilger later.

Warden Mike also had a Wilson's Snipe at the CF yesterday.