Monday Mysteries Revealed
'Duck Enough,' 'Ghosts' Signings

'Sunday at the Farm'

Sally Teschon captures some of the magic of the Celery Farm in this report and the above photo:

Just wanted to say that [Sunday] was stellar at the farm for pics --the sky reflecting on the Lake-awesome.

Never saw it so busy, never.

I met the father of a young woman I taught with, knew well, years ago. We already reconnected on Facebook.

I met a lovely woman, Julie who is a birder, who had come from Lyndhurst at 7:30 am and was leaving at 5:30 pm via...train. How wonderful is that?  Comes by train to Allendale to visit the Farm..

The people you meet there, if they are so inclined to share, are fascinating...great day.

Saw Barbara and Mike L. with his tree saw--great item to carry--"stay on the path, no dogs, no dumping."

Another couple with a small son, didn't know about Phair's Pond. I showed them the way and showed the little boy the deer trails there---of course he was so excited and had his camera and asked his dad if he could take a picture.

Dd he want to photograph the Mergansers?  Nope...

The black ducks? Nope...

The deer poop? Naturally, that is what he thought was the most interesting. Just love it.

Of course, if you like, you don't have to speak to anyone.

I LOVE the farm.