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December 2010

My Latest 'Bird Watcher' Column

I think that my latest "Bird Watcher" column in The Record may be my best -- because readers wrote about their most memorable birding moments and I sort of stayed on the sidelines.

My biggest regret -- Diane Brown wrote a great essay on the subject, but it was just too long to include. I was unable to fit a few other nice recollections as well. My apologies to all.

As it is, I really condensed many of the submissions in an effort to get as many of them into print as possible. The photo above is of a Mandarin Duck in North Bergen, photographed by Icram Khalil.

The link is here.

Happy holidays!


Christmas Bird Count: Bluebirds


I joined Lorraine Novinski, IMG_8974Rochana Muenthongchin, Janet Terchek and Bill Drummond for the first three hours of the Ramsey CBC this morning.

We hit the Ramsey Country Club lake early, plus a lot of suburban streets.

Lots of Red-bellieds and Blue Jays, a nice perched Turkey Vulture and (thanks to Lorraine's spotting scope) seven distant Eastern Bluebirds.

Bad news: A lack of open water kept duck counts down.

(Thanks to all for letting me tag along.)