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November 2010

Osprey, Late November

The lighting was poor -- just before dawn -- but the Osprey was real. It came IMG_6477 in low and silent around 6:45 a.m., circled, and perched in a tree.

Around 7 a.m. it flew again (left), gained altitude and disappeared into the twilight, the sunrise glowing on its feathers.

I had thought they had headed south by now, but I guess every crowd has its procrastinator.


Unusual Female Cardinal

Blane Muzio sent me this photo of a female Northern Cardinal with what would appear to be one wild eye ring. The other eye is that way as well.

Blane writes: "I have a female cardinal with a white circular area around the eyes who frequents my sunflower feeder. Is it old age or what?"

It sure is an eye opener. Does anyone have an explanation?

(Thanks, Blane!)

'Duck Enough' To Fly Again!

Duck Enough cover
By popular demand, the first Celery Farm book that Jerry Barrack, Doug Goodell and I did is now in its second printing -- just in time for the holiday gift crunch.

The book is available for $12.95 at Rohsler's Nursery in Alendale, Wild Birds Unlimited in Paramus, and Wild Bird Emporium in Midland Park.

The three stores also carry the other two books in the trilogy, "Swan Babies" and "Icky the Hungry Heron." 

All three books were wonderfully photographed at the Celery Farm, and the stories ain't chopped liver either.  :- )