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October 2010

Fyke Meeting is Friday -- Audubon Prints

Fyke Nature Association's next meeting is Friday, October 22 - 8 PM Wyckoff Public Library.

Rare Audubon Prints

Bert and Jeff Holt will present The Rarest of the Rare: The Composite Prints of John James Audubon's Birds of America. We will learn about and see these unique prints and the story behind "Birds of America." The program is open to the public and free.

Great Blog From Belize

I was visiting friends over the weekend, and they kept raving about an excellent nature blog by Belize naturalist Carolyn Miller.

I know the blog well and kick myself for not writing about it more often.

This blog features more amazing  critters in a month than my blog has in a year -- but then I am partial. Carolyn is a good friend (and excellent writer)!

Here's the link:

Her latest post is about a Tarantula Hawk. No, really...