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'Warblers of Central Park' Next Friday

Friday, Sept. 24 - 8 p.m. Wyckoff Public Library
'Warblers of Central Park'

  Cal Vornberger, author of Birds of Central Park, BCP_cover1 will give a  slide show on the Warblers of Central Park, this Friday at 8 p.m. at the Wyckoff Public Library. The talk is free and open to the public. (The talk was postponed last February due to bad weather.)

Last January, Kevin Watson and I participated in Cal's owl photography workshop on Amherst Island in Ontario, and I can't wait to see Cal's slide show even though though we never saw any photographs taken by owls the entire weekend.

A little more about Cal, courtesy of the Fyke Web site:

"Cal has been pursuing his passion of photographing warblers in the park for the past ten years.
   "Each spring brings waves of these brightly colored neo-tropical songbirds to the park as they make their way north to their breeding grounds.
   "They return like clockwork in the fall, although now they are less colorful and harder to identify.
   "Cal's presentation covers every single warbler [and some married ones] typically seen in the park during spring and fall migration. He compares and contrasts males and females in both breeding and non-breeding plumage.
   "His spectacular photos capture these tiny birds engaged in all types of activities."
   Cal's Web site is here -- see his photography for yourself.