Hawk Mountain Talk: Wednesday
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Red-shouldered from Saturday Walk

SS3_6595 Red-shouldered Hawk (100)
Sandy Sorkin took the above shot of a Red-Shouldered Hawk at the beginning of Saturday's CF Walk.

  More of Sandy's pix from the walk are here.

  E-bird list of the birds seen on the walk (plus a few others that Dandy saw) follows. (Thanks, Sandy!)

The Celery Farm 

Observation date: 9/4/10

Mute Swan  

Wood Duck  


Green-winged Teal  

Double-crested Cormorant  

Great Blue Heron  

Great Egret  

Red-shouldered Hawk  

Red-tailed Hawk  

Greater Yellowlegs  

Rock Pigeon  

Mourning Dove  

Chimney Swift  

Belted Kingfisher  

Red-bellied Woodpecker  

Northern Flicker  

Tufted Titmouse  

Carolina Wren  

House Wren  

American Robin  

Gray Catbird  

Common Yellowthroat  

Northern Cardinal  

 Total species reported: 23