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September 2010

Another Great Place for Bird Supplies

A reader writes:

"As a long-time birder, I am happy to learn something new in your much appreciated columns.  

"I am sorry that you do not mention New Jersey Audubon's Lorrimer Sanctuary as a good source for top-quality bird seed as well as a source for birding equipment and gifts.  

"N.J. Audubon is non-profit and is an active supporter of conservation is New Jersey.  It needs all the support it can get."

Point well taken. Thanks much!

Saturday: 'Hawk Mountain' Talk

Revised Cover design 861x632(2) This Saturday, Photographer Kevin Watson and I will give a talk about our coffee table book "Hawk Mountain" at (of all places) Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania.

The talk -- at 3 and 5 p.m.-- is free, in the Visitor Center. We'll also be on hand to sign copies of the book.  Link to more information on our book is here.



Saturday: Next Free Nature Walk


The last of Fyke Nature Association's free monthly nature walks at the Celery Farm for 2010 is this Saturday at Please join leaders Mike Limatola and Nancy Drabik for a nice October walk around the refuge.

As you can see from this photo from this past weekend, the leaves are just starting to change.

These 90-minute walks are for nature lovers of all levels and ages. The walks are weather permitting.

We'd love to have you join us. Meet at the end of Green Way off the Franklin Turnpike. (There will be no Fell House tour after this walk because of Allendale Day.)


Look out for Bees!

Marsh Warden Mike Limatola writes:

"Please pass it on to anyone you know who visits the Celery Farm who might not get this.  Several people, including a group of 3rd-graders I was bring around on the 16th, have been stung by bees just north of Pirie Platform.

The bees seem to come out of nowhere and attack for no reason.  They are tiny yellow jacket looking bees that I've been told have the worse sting of any type of bee or wasp. 

"One person had to go to the hospital this past weekend from a reaction from being stung.  If you are allergic to bee stings, either stay away from that area, or bring an apinephrine autoinjector with you when visiting the preserve. 

"I will try and find the nest this week.  Wearing long sleeves and pants also can help avoid being stung."