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July 2010

Celery Farm Sightings

   Saw a B. Kingfisher and two Green Herons from IMG_5572the Warden's Watch this a.m. 

  The other evening saw five B.C. Night Herons, five G.B. Herons, a Green Heron and Great Egret.

   The Bobwhites are still being seen not far from the Butterfly Garden.

   Lots of Eastern Tiger Swallowtails and plenty of dragonflies.

What to do if you find a dead bat....

   Not the cheeriest of topics but ...When a friend e-mailed me for advice on what to do with a dead bat she found, I passed along the question to MacKenzie Hall of the Conserve Wildlife Foundation of New Jersey.

   Here's MacKenzie's reply:

    There is no perfect answer for what to do with a dead or dying bat, because the situations are different.

     Freshly deceased bats should be handled carefully with leather gloves and refrigerated immediately in double plastic ziplock bags to buy time while determining what to do with it.   

   If a possible exposure occurred – like waking up with a dead bat in the bedroom, or if a child or pet had contact – then you should call the NJ Department of Health or a local health department and submit the bat for rabies testing (see

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