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Bear Update: Eyewitness Account

   I was able to interview a bashful but reliable eyewitness to the recent black bear appearance at the Celery Farm in Allendale.

   He was leaving the Warden Watch and heading toward the main parking lot Monday morning [around 9:40]. He heard someone shouting ahead of him and thought it was me telling somebody to stay on the path.

   He looked to his right after crossing the Spillway Bridge and saw a black bear, about 3.5 feet tall: "We stared at each other, and then it took off toward the water."

  The police arrived on the scene moments later and "got on a squawkbox" to warn anyone in the Celery Farm about the presence of the bear.

  The bear worked its way to the water and moved along the shore to the west and north.  

  And that was the last it was seen, unless it was the same black bear that was seen in Waldwick later that day. 

  I have not refilled my feeders since then.

   The End


Help With a Citizen-Science Shorebird Survey

   The New Jersey Audubon Society is seeking volunteers for a new Shorebird Survey. Citizen scientists will be asked to count shorebirds at specific sites for at least 15 minutes at least three times a month.
   To participate, you'll need to attend a shorebird ID workshop on Saturday, Aug. 7, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at DeKorte Park. To register or get more information, e-mail the NJAS' Nellie Tsipoura here.
    A note from Nellie follows.

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Fighting Loosestrife One Leaf at a Time


    As you may have noticed, the Celery Farm still has some Purple Loosestrife, a beautiful but invasive weed that chokes out beneficial native plants and ultimately can ruin marshes.

   What you may not have noticed is a silent battle going on against the loosestrife, waged by beetles specifically imported for this purpose several years ago.

   Bugman Extraordinaire Tom Burr took some exceptional shots of these insects at work and was kind enough to share them here.

   Writes Tom: "[Near the Pirie Platform], the Galerucella beetles were having a convention, performing their duty as loosestrife munchers."

   Thanks, Tom!



Aerial Views of the Celery Farm


  Last week, I took some aerial photographs of the Celery Farm to document current conditions and marsh life. The day was overcast, but still got some decent shots.


   The shot above is the south end Lake Appert, including the Warden's Watch. You can also see how close to downtown Allendale is to the Celery Farm.That's the train track in the upper right.

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