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Monday Morning Mystery 080210

Bear Update: Eyewitness Account

   I was able to interview a bashful but reliable eyewitness to the recent black bear appearance at the Celery Farm in Allendale.

   He was leaving the Warden Watch and heading toward the main parking lot Monday morning [around 9:40]. He heard someone shouting ahead of him and thought it was me telling somebody to stay on the path.

   He looked to his right after crossing the Spillway Bridge and saw a black bear, about 3.5 feet tall: "We stared at each other, and then it took off toward the water."

  The police arrived on the scene moments later and "got on a squawkbox" to warn anyone in the Celery Farm about the presence of the bear.

  The bear worked its way to the water and moved along the shore to the west and north.  

  And that was the last it was seen, unless it was the same black bear that was seen in Waldwick later that day. 

  I have not refilled my feeders since then.

   The End