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June 2010

Monday Mystery Solved


   This piece of leather is a traditional jess, once used by falconers as a sort of leg leash for their raptors. These single strips of leather jesses have been replaced by more sophisticated versions.

   The jess in question was found attached to a Barn Owl in an abandoned building in the Meadowlands by Celery Farm Marsh Warden Emeritus Stiles Thomas many years ago.

   Congrats to John Workman for getting the right answer!

Bobwhites at Celery Farm


    Marsh Warden Mike Limatola and I just saw four Bobwhites near the Green Way entrance to the CF -- on the right, just beyond the Pine Grove, near the little bridge to Phairs Pond.

   I saw them in the open and got a few shots. I was busy trying to photograph but think it was a male, female and two youngsters.

  A Bobwhite was last seen at the CF in Sept. 2007. Link is here.

Two more pix follow.

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Beethoven Bird: Ending on the Right Note

  IMG_1655-1 Through all of the fun of trying to solve the Beethoven Bird mystery, I neglected to thank all those responsible for getting the birdsong on the blog.

   Laura DeFlora, and her neighbor, Bill Hoffman, live in Ridgewood by the Saddle River.  They both heard the bird, and Laura asked her sister-in-law, also named Laura DeFlora (You can't make make this stuff up), for help.

   Laura II lives in Demarest, She asked her friend, Michele Sunberg, also of Demarest, who met me on a bird walk and talked about the Beethoven bird.

    Bill Hoffman later made the superb recording, and the mystery was eventually solved. 

   Laura II reports: " I can report that I have also been hearing the Song Sparrow here - three high tones, and one longer low one - and can now say with confidence 'Song Sparrow'."
  I imagine that Stiles Thomas would like credit for predicting "Song Sparrow" on Day One.