Found-Conure 053110: Big News?
Barn Owlet

Found-Bird Update 060110

   Although we were all pulling for the happiest of endings, it turns out that Little Stiles the Green-cheeked Conure does not belong to a woman from Staten Island who lost her conure last Tuesday.

  When she called me Monday afternoon and gave me the serial code on the banding number for her bird, "Laurie," it did not match the one on Little Stiles' leg. 

   At this point, we are turning over the bird to the kind police officers of Allendale for safekeeping. If Little Stiles' owner cannot be found, one of the officers who loves birds will give it a loving home.

  We would have liked for Little Stiles to have found his original owner, and a possibility still exists that the owner can be traced through the serial code on the bird's leg band.

   We do know that Little Stiles is safe and sound and headed for a good home. Thus concludes the story of Little Stiles, at least for now...

   Thank you to all who offered help and advice. It was greatly appreciated.