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Snapping Turtle Maternity Ward

  IMG_7663    The side yard of my home (adjacent to the Celery Farm) has been a Snapping Turtle Maternity Ward of late. And a raccoon buffet that evening.

IMG_7667     Yesterday, my wife Patty pointed out a Snapping Turtle laying her eggs in a native-plant flower bed, and freshly dug  -- and redug -- holes all over the yard.

   A second Snapping Turtle was laying eggs about 10 yards away. 

   Each spring, Snapping Turtles lay hundreds of eggs in our yard by the Celery Farm. And each spring, raccoons eat most -- but not all -- of them, and the turtles live on.

The Fanning Report 052210

   Another birdy morning at the Celery Farm. 10 warblers Friday with 9 of them seen.
   3 singing ALDER FLYCATCHERS with one of them seen well (at Greenway--same spot where the half-singing/calling bird was yesterday)
    Other Bergen Co highlights today were a male BAY-BREASTED WARBLER at McFaul Wildlife Center during lunch, (and also a BLACKPOLL singing the alternate high-pitched trill song reminiscent of Worm-eating) and finding an OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER at Stiles' House this evening--the 2nd time I've seen one there.
   Stiles had a new yard bird today--a N. Waterthrush which came to his bird bath/dripper before I arrived.
    Full CF list below...  (Thanks, Rob!)

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