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Lost-Conure Update

  Little Stiles, the lost Green-cheeked Conure, appears to be doing fine. We are seeking his owner, but no luck so far.

  I sure am learning a lot, and have decided to write my next column for The Record about what to do when you find a lost pet bird.

  Little Stiles even tried helping, but his typing style is just like mine -- strictly hunt and peck.

Green-cheeked Conure Found at Celery Farm


   Barbara Dilger found this stray Green-cheeked Conure this evening at the Celery Farm. If you know of anyone who is missing a pet bird, please let me know.

   It is very tame -- as you can see, it will eat out of a person's hand. It also has a band on its right leg, which I am told means that it is engaged. ;- )

  In the meantime, if you have a bird cage you could lend me, it would be much appreciated...

   Jim Wright, 201-760-0804...

   More on Green-cheeked Conures here.

   Thanks, Barbara and Stiles, for the rescue!

The Rob Fanning Report 052810

   Rob sez: "Thursday morning a frequently singing ACADIAN FLYCATCHER was hanging around the Brotherton Bridge area. It was moving around a lot and was on both sides of the bridge--but it's loud pit-SEE call enabled me to track it down several times for some decent looks.

   "This is only the 2nd (or possibly 3rd?) record for the CF--the first back on 6/19/06 found by Fred Weber--showing that this notoriously late migrant can pop up well into June.

    "The other highlight was a sharp-looking WHITE-THROATED SPARROW at Greenway. No migrant warblers heard or seen today..."
   Full list follows. (Thanks, Rob!)

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A Celery Farm Blog Milestone

   This week, "The Celery Farm & Beyond" registered its 100,000th page view. The blog has been in existence for more than two years, and is now averaging more than 5,000 page views a month.

   For all of you who read the blog -- and who contribute to the blog -- a huge thank you. It has been fun.

  Have a great Memorial Day Weekend. See you around the Farm.

Waterboys Wanted!

  Because of the recent sporadic rainfall, the Celery Farm's Pauline Oxnard Butterfly Garden is in desperate need of water.

  You could be a huge help if you could fill a gallon jug or two with water whenever you come to the Celery Farm and empty them into the rain barrels by the garden. Volunteers will water the garden itself on a regular schedule.

   As you may know, the garden is lovingly run by a bunch of dedicated volunteers, and they could use your help!