Monday Morning Mystery
Found-Bird Update 060110

Found-Conure 053110: Big News?


                   Little Stiles at the keyboard -- note bird band on right leg.   

  Thanks to the Allendale Police, Little Stiles may be reunited with his owner as soon as today.

   Just after Barbara Dilger found the bird on Friday and notified the police, one of the officers checked the classified ads in the region and found a  report of a missing Green-cheeked Conure. He e-mailed the person who placed the ad, and gave them my phone number and e-mail address.

   The person who placed the ad lives in Staten Island. She lost her bird, named "Laurie," last Tuesday evening and has been heartsick ever since. She has been out of town, and contacted me late yesterday afternoon.

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P1020776-2  The question is whether this bird is actually Laurie. Fortunately, the bird is banded with a code, and that will determine ownership quickly -- as soon as the Staten Island woman returns home and gets the banding information.

  The other snafu with the banding information was that it is very difficult to read it because Little Stiles/Laurie, like most conures, tends to nip at one's fingers. Allendale police officers, who own exotic birds themselves, stopped by and secured Little Stiles long enough to the read the bird's band.

   So now we await the call from the Staten Island woman, who could not be nicer. Stay tuned...