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Found-Conure 053110: Big News?


                   Little Stiles at the keyboard -- note bird band on right leg.   

  Thanks to the Allendale Police, Little Stiles may be reunited with his owner as soon as today.

   Just after Barbara Dilger found the bird on Friday and notified the police, one of the officers checked the classified ads in the region and found a  report of a missing Green-cheeked Conure. He e-mailed the person who placed the ad, and gave them my phone number and e-mail address.

   The person who placed the ad lives in Staten Island. She lost her bird, named "Laurie," last Tuesday evening and has been heartsick ever since. She has been out of town, and contacted me late yesterday afternoon.

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Wonderful Belize Blog

   Carolyn Miller, a naturalist and friend in Belize, has an awesome blog with nifty frog videos, photos of jaguars and ocelots in the wild, and other neat rain forest stuff. Her blog is worth a frequent visit!

   The link is here.  Five-second (loud) frog video is here.

Butterfly Garden Needs Water

P1000081-1   The Butterfly Garden at the CF needs volunteers to bring gallon jugs of water to the rain barrels behind the bench (just follow the sign).

  I am told that a gallon jug of water weighs eight pounds or so, so the best way to do this is to bring two jugs filled with water at home, park at the end of Green Way and carry a gallon jug in each hand to the rain barrels.

  The Butterfly Gardeners do a great job for all of us.

   Many hands makes for light work. Thanks!

Found-Conure Update 053010

IMG_0170-1    We now have a cage for Little Stiles the Green-cheeked Conure (Thanks, Tracy!), and he seems quite at home, to the point of not resisting when placed inside.

  The bad news is that no one has claimed Little Stiles. The good news is that several people have offered to take him.

  If no one steps forward to claim the conure, we plan to turn him over this evening to a wonderful Allendale policeman who is a bird lover and who promises to give Little Stiles "a loving home" if no one retrieves him.

   Little Stiles offers a hearty "Thank You"  to all who helped with advice and offers of assistance.