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The Rob Fanning Report 041810

  Rob sez: "Led a field trip for SHBO/NJAS this morning at The Celery Farm.

  "The chilly temps and winds kept most of the songbirds hidden, but clearing skies produced a modest hawk flight, highlighted by outstanding close views of migrating BROAD-WINGED HAWKS and 2 OSPREY.  The enthusiastic group were also treated to close up looks at WOOD DUCKS and good scope views of BLUE-WINGED and GREEN-WINGED TEAL as well as a sub-adult BLACK-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON and a KINGFISHER."

   Full report follows.

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Fyke Calendar News

    Fyke President Emeritus Carol Flanagan writes:

   The Fyke 2011 Calendar committee is looking for photos of the Celery Farm for the 2011 Celery Farm calendar!  You do not have to be a professional -- if you like your photo then others will like it, too!!  

   We are looking for photos that are identifiable as taken at the Celery Farm.  For example scenic photos that include Celery Farm landmarks, a bird on one of the platforms, or flowers with a Celery Farm landmark in the photo, etc.  Photos that can be identified as the Celery Farm are preferred, however all photos taken at the Celery Farm will be considered  

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My Latest 'Bird Watcher' Column in The Record and Herald News

    Now that spring is going full throttle, I thought it was time to devote a column to arguably the best place to see avian spring migrants on the entire East Coast, Garret Mountain. Ace birder Chris Takacs (above, photographed at Barbour's Pond) was my guide.

   The link to the column is here.

   Link to Friends of Garret Mountain Reservation blog, with a downloadable map, is here.

The Fanning Report 041410

   Rob sez:  "2 drake BLUE-WINGED TEAL were found by Fred at the CF this morning--and were still there in the early PM. Viewed from Pirie--difficult to find as they were sticking to a small area and hidden behind vegetation most of the time.
   "3rd year in a row that the first sighting of BW Teal at CF was 2 drakes together...
    "Also present were GW Teal (6); Hooded Merg (f), Great Egret, Gr. Blue (3); Palms, Rumps, RC King, Towhee (2), and a heard Com. Yellowthroat." (Thanks, Rob!)