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In Honor of Earth Day: Article from 1985

   As we walk around the Celery Farm, we tend to take things for granted -- the trails, the observation platforms, the boardwalks, ... everything.

   But we also know that the Celery Farm is not just the result of recent efforts like our clean-up earlier this month, or Marsh Warden Mike Limatola's constant vigilance, or the work of those amazing volunteers who have been working on the streams.

   So on this Earth Day, I'd like to thank everyone over the years who has made the CF what it is.

   Above is a digital copy of an article in the Town Journal from 25 years ago -- May 2, 1985 -- about the Celery Farm, courtesy of Lillian and Stiles Thomas. It's from the days when the Warden's Watch was more like a lifeguard stand and the Pirie Platform was still being built.  (You can enalrge the photo by clicking on it)

  To everyone who has made the Celery Farm what it is, a hearty thank you and Happy Earth Day!

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Quite a Weekend at NJ Audubon -- May 1 & 2

    This from Lillian Armstrong of NJAS:

   "NJ Audubon is holding a big, big, big event in Bernardsville on May 1st and 2nd to celebrate the grand opening of the Hoffman Center, and to invite the community to come on over and have some fun.  

   "There will be guided walks, radio telemetry demonstrations for kids, talks by Pete Dunne, Don Freiday, Gordon Thomas Ward, Allen Barlow, Rick Radis, Michael Pollock and Lynn Groves... Many activities for children including crafts and story-telling..."

  "Live animal shows by the Raptor Trust, Weis Ecology Center and Back to Nature...  An outdoor art installation based on NJ's endangered species...
A fantastic photography exhibition in our new gallery...  Live music, food for sale by local vendors...  And our new, expanded Nature Store.  There's even more, believe me.

  "All the information is now available on our website (link is here), including directions to off-site parking.  Only handicapped parking will be available at the sanctuary, because there is just so much going on."

 "We could probably use a handful more volunteers.  If you're interested please email Joyce Fajnor here.