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The Rob Fanning Report 041810

Fyke Calendar News

    Fyke President Emeritus Carol Flanagan writes:

   The Fyke 2011 Calendar committee is looking for photos of the Celery Farm for the 2011 Celery Farm calendar!  You do not have to be a professional -- if you like your photo then others will like it, too!!  

   We are looking for photos that are identifiable as taken at the Celery Farm.  For example scenic photos that include Celery Farm landmarks, a bird on one of the platforms, or flowers with a Celery Farm landmark in the photo, etc.  Photos that can be identified as the Celery Farm are preferred, however all photos taken at the Celery Farm will be considered  

   Please send your photo, landscape orientation, saved as a jpeg file, to carolflana at aol dot com.    Photos are due by August 1st!  You must be a Fyke member in good standing (dues paid up) to have your photo considered.   

   There is no payment for your photos -- you just get the glory of having your photo in the calendar!!  If your photo is not selected, that does not mean the committee didn't like it.  Remember we only need 14 photos for the calendar, so many excellent photos may not be chosen.  

   Thank you, The Calendar Committee