Nifty Photography Show in Waldwick
The Last Goose Update

Celery Farm Report/Goose Update

    Sorry about the goose photo, but thought you'd like to a photo of the Mom that has had the nasty Canada Goose in major defense mode by the Warden's Watch. She's like the Helen of Troy of Canada Geese -- the face that launched a thousands snits.

    The good news is that you can now walk up to the Warden's Watch without being accosted. The bad news is it is raining today.

   A trip to the Warden's Watch and a walk around the farm yesterday brought a Cedar Waxwing or two, several Great Blue Herons feeding in the shallows, and lots of Tree Swallows and Yellow Rumps. Also had a few Brown-headed Cowbirds, everyone's favorite parasite.