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February 2010

Winter Wonderland


    My wife has officially declared the Celery Farm a winter wonderland. We were out on cross-country skis this morning. We saw the fresh prints of Allendale (fox, deer), and were jiggy with that. (Joke is in there somewhere.).

   We did encountrt a few fallen trees, one of which has made the trail pretty much impassable by the Allendale Brook. Snow is sticky on skis so might want to wax...


Nifty New Screech Owl Blog

   CloseupA blogger friend in Massachusetts has a nifty blog about Eastern Screech Owls -- with a design for a squirrel-resistant owl box. 

   If you need a solid Screech Owl fix, this is the place: Owl Oasis Blog.

  Here is the link. Take a look and poke around -- a lot of interesting information.