Monday Morning Mystery 011810
Wood Duck Box Maintenance (Part 2)

Wood Duck Box Maintenance


   Marsh Warden Mike Limatola, Ken Buxton and Chip McGrath have been doing the annual Wood Duck nesting box maintenance on Lake Appert and Blue Heron Pond.

  Two weekends ago, Mike and Chip cleaned out all the boxes, removing very few unhatched eggs and old wood chips, then putting in new chips. 

   One small surprise, one of the boxes had been used by tree swallows -- you can tell by the white feathers they use for nesting material (above).  

   Sadly, there was a deceased male Tree Swallow in the box as well. No cause of death was given.

   Two of the boxes had some worn-out wood issues. And that's where ace carpenter Ken Buxton came in -- coming up next on "Your Old [Wood Duck] House."