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December 2009

Ramsey Bird Count, Part Two


      As I mentioned in an eariier post, Seymour Drakes and I joined Lorraine, Rochana, Denise and Janet for the first part of the Ramsey Christmas Bird Count.

   Finally got a chance to process the images from my other camera, and thought I would post a couple of pix of my teammates. Great birders and great company!

   I will post results as they become available.


Celery Farm Poetry by Charley West: Winter

  We thought we would ring out 2009 with four seasonal poems about the Celery Farm by Charley West, accompanied by a photo by Seymour Drakes.

   We will post one a day through Thursday.

   Monday Morning Mysteries may return next week, if I can dig up some mysteries or someone would like to pass some new ones along.

By pirie

The Farm  (I – Winter)

By Charley West

Leaves have fallen. Limbs are bare.
Mammals don their solstice wear.
Frost and chill are in the air.
The Farm for winter does prepare.

Graying skies of somber mood.
Empty woods in silence brood.
Angry winds with cold imbued,
Herald caching vital food.

Into dens the furies crawl,
Sleeping through inclement brawl.
Many aves heard the call:
Migrate early - miss the squall.

Low beneath an icy crust,
Denizens’ implicit trust
Of safety from predacious lust.
Patiently the Farm adjusts.

Deluged now by drifting snow,
Buffeted by polar flow
And temperatures that drop below,
Only Brave and Hardy show!

At the Farm in winter.

Butterfly garden

Christmas Bird Count 122709

Seymour Drakes and I joined Lorraine, Rochana, Denise and Janet for the first part of the Ramsey CBC. We began the count at the Ramsey Country Club with a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Not too shabby!

  Other morning highlights included five Black Vultures and a Wild Turkey. (Thanks, all!)

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My Record column today: Rob Fanning


   My birding column in The Record today is on one of the real good guys of Bergen birding, Rob Fanning, who graciously lets me post his Celery Farm sightings on this blog.

  The column in part talks about Rob's quest to see 200 species of birds in Bergen County -- he's done quite well, and racked up a few more species since I wrote the column earlier this month.

   I hope you enjoy the column.

   Here is the link.