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November 2009

Bird Invasion

 Might be a neat idea to get to the Celery Farm around sunrise on Monday morning -- judging by the thousands of small birds that flew in to roost after 4:30 p.m. today.

  They apparently had stayed out until after the Giants' overtime win.

   The photo above is just a smattering of the birds crosssing the dusky sky.

Quick Celery Farm Update


    The heavy rains of last night are gone, and like the flag at Fort McHenry, the Great Egret was still there. 

    This is a CF fall record by roughly 20 days. 

    Also, the Great Blue continues, along with a B. Kingfisher, an A. Coot and lots of Gadwalls etc. (though none near the Warden's Watch).

    Let's hope the trails dry out for the weekend.