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September 2009

Outdoor Cats' Impact on Birds

  Natalie Angier of The New York Times wrote a great column about the huge threat to wild birds posed by cats that are allowed outdoors. Cats that are allowed outside typically live three years less than ones kept indoors.

   The good news is that we rarely see  "free range" cats at the Celery Farm. 

   Link is here.


Allendale Day is Saturday!

  The umpteenth annual Allendale Day is this Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., with lots of booths, music and food.

  Fyke Nature Association has a booth on the town's main drag.  The nifty 2010 Celery Farm calendars will be on sale for $15, as will "Icky" and "Swan Babies," two of the Celery Farm children's books I did with Jerry Barrack. Proceeds from all three items go to the Lillian and Stiles Thomas Scholarship Fund.  

Also on sale: Signed copies of "In the Presence of Nature" (the Celery Farm coffee table book I did with Jerry, including a Foreword by David Sibley), as well as the new Hawk Mountain coffee-table book.

  If you're around, please stop by and say hi.


Rob Fanning Reports 092509

  Rob sez:

   The Allendale Celery Farm Natural Area was very birdy this early morning. Wish I had more time. Some highlights incl.

-Blackpoll Warbler--2+
-BT Blue Warbler (female)
-Magnolia Warbler
-Am. Wigeon
-Cooper's Hawk
-JUNCO--winter already?!?...

Yesterday a CT Warbler was present...

Upcoming Events, Starting with Friday Night

   Revised Cover design 861x632-1Friday night, Kevin Watson and I are doing a free slide show and talk about our new coffee-table book, "Hawk Mountain." This is the show's North Jersey debut, and we are pleased as Punch, whoever the heck he is.

   The show is at 8 at the monthly Fyke Nature Association meeting at the Wyckoff Library. (If you have never been to the Wyckoff Library, best to Google Map it now. Really.)

  We will be signing and inscribing books after the talk, and there will be 2010 Celery Farm calendars on sale, as well as Celery Farm children's books "Icky" and  "Swan Babies." 

   Sales of the calendars and children's books go to the Lillian and Stiles Thomas Scholarship Fund, and sales of the "Hawk Mountain" book go to the "Help Jim and Kevin Someday Break Even On This Labor of Love Fund."

   In short, this is the perfect place for one-stop holiday shopping.

   Click "Continue reading..." for three other exciting book and calendar events in the next four weeks.

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