Monday Morning Mystery 072009
Mink at the Celery Farm!?

Where the frogs are...

Green frog cf

   Last week, I posted an item about the dearth of [primarily green] frogs along the Allendale Brook this year, and got  many responses and two theories, both related to our very wet June weather.

  According to one theory, all that rain allowed the frogs to move to wet areas beyond the brook.
   According to the other theory, all that rain generated all kinds of polluted stormwater runoff, which did a number on the frog population.
  Sad to say, I have been leaning toward the latter, especially since there are such drainage problems along the Allendale Brook just south of the Celery Farm. But Patrick Scheuer, director of NJ Audubon's Lorrimer Sanctuary, goes along with the wet June theory. That's encouraging.