Ace Family Screech Owl Update
Monday Morning Mystery 072009

Where are all the frogs?

Green frog cf
   Marsh Warden Stiles Thomas called today to ask if I have noticed any drop in the Celery Farm frog population. He said that most summers, he hears or sees a frog jump every few feet along the Allendale Brook, but this year he has seen or heard very few.
   My wife and I have noticed a similar decline along the brook, and though we hear an occasional bullfrog, it seems not as noisy as years past.
   What have you noticed this year, frog-wise, and do you have any idea why it might be?
    Do you know of anyone who does annual frog counts at the Celery Farm?
    E-mail me and I will post the results of this informal survey and any information I might pass along.