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Rob Fanning Reports...


This from Rob Fanning, Thursday -- sorry for late post but have been out of pocket:
Rob fanning    Saw my first fall migrant warbler at the CF this morning. A NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH was which loudly chipping in the "dead zone", and flew to a high perch for some decent looks. This sets a new fall arrival date for CF by 2 days (prev. 7/26)
   Even more exciting was an Im. YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO quietly foraging near the Warden's Watch. The tail pattern looked like a BB, but it already had the yellow lower mandible as well as a bit of Rufous in the wings. This establishes the latest CF record that I know of-- I had never seen one at CF after the month of June. Hopefully it's a sign that they successfully nested at the CF this year.
   A few BG GNATCATCHERS were also likely early migrants, as well as a BANK SWALLOW--let the Fall migration begin!...